February 6, 2010

The Manila Post Office

The Manila Central Post Office

Are you into philately? This is the place for you, the Manila Central Post Office Building. Built and designed by the Americans during their colonial period that starts at the turn of the last century. Completely destroyed during the 2nd World War but was immediately rebuilt after, most of the original design was preserved.

****From the Central LRT Station. Head towards Lawton area. At the front of the Post Office is the Liwasang Bonifacio.

Plaza Lawton (formerly Liwasang Bonifacio)

Plaza Lawton (Liwasang Bonifacio)

Named after American General Henry Ware Lawton (1843-1899). General Lawton was the highest ranking American official killed in the Philippine-American War (1899-1902) when he was shot by a Filipino sharpshooter at the Battle of Paye (now in Morong, Rizal) on December 1. In the 1970's Plaza Lawton was officially changed to Liwasang Bonifacio (after Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio).


****From the Central LRT Station, walk back a few meters to the Metropolitan Theatre. The Plaza is just across the road.